Captain Venture: Treasures Of The Sea – Play The Grand Pirate

Become the hero of the big fight on the game of GreenTube

Starting in February, you will experience thrilling adventures in the online casino game Captain Venture: Treasures of the Sea from developer GreenTube. So be ready!

GreenTube will be offering you the Captain Venture: Treasures of the Sea slot machine from February 2021. It will be equipped with everything you need to offer memorable sessions to fans of one-armed bandits on French online casinos . GreenTube, rather well known for having proven itself to this day, will not fail to integrate into this slot machine the bonus features that will allow players to line their pockets. We tell you more about this game below.

Captain Venture: Treasures of the Sea – Collect Your Treasures

In this new version of the game, the scene takes place on 5 reels and 10 paylines. The 95.07% payout may not sound as convincing, but complete gameplay is lacking in everything. In this game which best develops the pirate theme, you will see a great battle being fought between the pirate and the captain. They are ready to do anything to return with the chest full of treasures. You'll see them scrolling through the play area along with their bottles of rum next to it. Other symbols that will also appear are gems, ink, and poker card symbols, to help you form the winning combination. This game incorporates several bonus features. The editor offers you wide possibilities to bet. The range of bets goes from 0.10 to 100 €, so player thrifty as big size, you do not have to worry. The online slot machine will also be able to offer you free spins, multipliers and a wild card to help you hit the big jackpot.

So, do you feel like trying your luck on Green Tube's new game? For that, you will only have to register on Cresus Casino online . This gaming site will welcome you royally with a 100% bonus up to € 300. It's up to you to visit its range of games and play the Captain Venture: Treasures of the Sea slot machine as soon as it is launched online.

Apes Of Wrath Online Casino Game: Win The € 20,000 Jackpot

Get ready for unique sessions at iSoftBet online casinos

iSoftBet will take you on an exciting adventure on its new title entitled Apes of Wrath. It plans to launch it at the start of the year on the online casinos it supplies.

The publisher iSoftBet is working hard to launch the Apes of Wrath slot machine in the first quarter of 2021, and thus offer you top-notch entertainment. This game, the bonus features of which will certainly amaze you, will be able to provide you with memorable moments of entertainment in French online casinos . Based on the theme of the jungle, the new production of iSoftBet touches on something interesting. With its 5 reels and 40 ways to win, this game transports you to a dark and beautiful jungle where you will have a breathtaking view of several wild animals: the big gorilla which represents the star of the game, the toucan, the crocodile and the lemur. In addition to these symbols, you will see poker card icons ranging from 10 to Ace. Use this set for the combination that will give you access to the big jackpot.

€ 20,000 jackpot available on Apes of Wrath

The Apes of Wrath real money game comes with an exceptional bonus feature set. It imposes bets on you between 0.20 and 20 €, which is rather affordable. All this suggests that iSoftBet has thought much more about thrifty bettors in the design of its new production. However, in order to claim the big jackpot of € 20,000, you must place the maximum bet to increase your chances. The gorilla symbol can also help you win up to 500x your stake. In addition, iSoftBet will endow the Apes of Wrath slot machine with a payout rate of 96.01%, which is also an advantage for casino players.

Play the Apes of Wrath slot machine at Unique Online Casino

In order to make your experience even more interesting, we have selected a betting site for you that will meet your expectations. This is Unique's generous bonus online casino, an establishment that has been operating in the betting industry since 2016 with a license obtained from the Government of Curacao. As soon as you register on the site, you will receive a superb welcome bonus of 100% up to € 200 to discover the wide range of games available. Take the opportunity to entertain yourself properly and try to pocket the superb jackpot of the Apes of Wrath slot machine.

Online gambling jurisdiction: what does it mean? – Blog

Online gambling jurisdiction: what does it mean?

Online gaming platforms can be divided into two groups: those that have a license and those that do not have a license. Online casinos holding an authorization are attached to a jurisdiction.

This means that these virtual casinos are subject to the laws of the country which granted them the license. Also, that the courts of the country which grants a license to an online gaming platform, are competent to judge all disputes arising from their activities. As for casinos that operate without a license, they are considered illegal.

In this article, discover the main countries that have adopted online gambling regulations.


On January 01, 2020, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority, abbreviated Arjel, was replaced by the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). Thus, to operate in the French geographical area, online casinos must first have an authorization from the ANJ. The approval is accompanied by specifications that virtual game platforms must scrupulously respect. Failure to comply with the clauses to which casinos are subject leads to penalties which may go as far as withdrawal of approval.


In Great Britain, online casino promoters obtain their licenses from the Gambling Commission. To regulate the activities of virtual casinos, the Gambling Commission bases its action on the Gambling Act. The Gambling Act is the legal text that brings together all the laws that online gaming platforms must comply with.


The Malta Gaming Authority, better known by the acronym MGA, is responsible for issuing licenses to online casinos operating in Malta. You will also notice that virtual casinos, which use games published by the Microgaming firm, have Maltese amenities.

As a result, a large part of online gaming platforms are under the control of the Malta Gaming Authority. In fact, the virtual game programming company Microgaming is one of the leaders in this activity in the world.


The organization in charge of licensing online casinos on the island of Curaçao is called the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association, or contractually, just say CIGA. CIGA licensed virtual casino sites are very popular with online gamblers. In fact, CIGA, which has been operating since 2001, has particularly distinguished itself by the seriousness of its process for granting approvals. Also, the CIGA’s main concern is the protection of players, against rogue online casinos.


The Gilbratar Licensing Authority, is the regulator of internet gaming in Gilbratar. Obtaining a Gilbratar Licensing Authority approval by an online casino follows a rigorous process. Indeed, the future casino, as well as its promoter, are first subjected to a meticulous investigation.

This investigation aims to determine whether the promoter has sufficient experience in the field of online gambling. Also, if during its operation, the casino will be able to settle without any difficulty, the gains obtained by the lucky bettors.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the particularity of not having an organization dedicated to the regulation of online games. Nevertheless the country grants licenses to virtual casinos. This simplification of the procedures for creating online casinos attracts several promoters to Costa Rica. The country is therefore among the jurisdictions that host the largest number of virtual casinos in the world.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is the first jurisdiction in the world, which in 1994 decided to regulate online gambling . It will therefore issue the first licenses for virtual casinos. Thus, the casino called InterCasino is the first to become licensed from Antigua and Barbuda.


In Panama, the regulator for online gaming platforms is called the Panama Gaming Control Board. Founded in 1998, the Panama Gaming Control Board has a fairly good reputation. It is a regulatory body known for its seriousness in the licensing process. Casinos with a Panama license are regularly audited.

Note that this regulatory body deals with all virtual and physical games of chance. It was in 2002 that it was authorized to issue licenses to online casinos. The first licenses for virtual casinos were handed over in 2003.

Isle of Man

On the Isle of Man, online casinos are under the authority of the Gambling Supervision Commission. The main mission of the Isle of Man Online Gaming Commission is to protect bettors. Thus, it ensures the ability of online casinos, which are under its supervision, to pay the winnings obtained by players.

Indeed, illegal casinos are characterized by the refusal to pay the winnings of online punters. Also, its goal is to fight money laundering via online gaming platforms.


In Belize the regulation of online casinos is carried out by the Belize Computer Wagering License Board. It is one of the first regulatory bodies in the world. In 1996 a law on online gambling came into force in Belize. This law is known as the Computer Wagering License Act. This is a fairly comprehensive piece of legislation that covers all aspects related to the activities of online casinos. Thus, on virtual gaming platforms accredited in Belize, players bet in safety.


In Alderney, there is one of the strictest control authorities in the world. It is commonly referred to as the AGCC. The AGCC stands for: Alderney Gaming Control Commission. AGCC licensed casinos enjoy great popularity with online gamblers. This is because, on these online gaming platforms, they are sure to pocket their winnings.


There is not yet an international authority dedicated to the regulation of online games. However, some jurisdictions have established mechanisms for licensing and controlling virtual casinos. There is cooperation between countries on this issue. Thus, Great Britain regularly draws up a white list. This list identifies the jurisdictions whose casinos are also admitted by the British jurisdiction.

Upcoming Red Tiger Online Casino Game Called Honolulu Nights

Relax at the beach in Honolulu Nights online casino game

From March 18, a new Honolulu Nights slot machine will be available in the Red Tiger online casinos game library. This game has many surprises in store for you!

Red Tiger will launch the Honolulu Nights slot machine in March for the enjoyment of online bettors . This game that looks a lot like Hawaiian Dream from developer JTG has the best accessories to give you a great time at online casinos. Knowing Red Tiger, this game will include the bonus features you need to hit your pocket. Below we present the information we have gathered about this game.

Honolulu Nights: Sunbathe on a Beach in Hawaii

On this new Red Tiger Video Slot, you'll relax in a 3-reel and 3-block setup. Its payout rate of 94.73% is certainly less attractive, but let us reassure you that its playability has more to offer you. In this game, by pressing the “SPIN” button, you will see several symbols scroll: flowers, shells, coconuts, and pineapples. A young girl might pass by to treat you to a dance performance while you have a view of the sea. Each of these icons has a potential for profit that will make you land big wins.

Check out the bonus features of Honolulu Nights

Red Tiger's Honolulu Nights Slot has the best bonus features. The range of bets is quite wide and varies from 0.1 to 100 €. This game is full of many lucrative regular symbols as well as special icons that will boost your winnings. Free spins as well as a wild card are available on the Video Slot to assist you in your quest for the jackpot of 975x your initial bet. You therefore have everything at your disposal to obtain this sum.

Play Honolulu Nights Slot Machine at Tortuga Online Casino

After everything you've read, you probably want to play Honolulu Nights Slot Machine. For this, we suggest you go to Tortuga online casino . It is a trustworthy establishment that has been operating legally since 2020 and that will add that little extra to your online sessions. He also offers you as a welcome bonus of 110% up to 110 €. We therefore wish you good luck on this site to win the jackpot of € 97,500.

Mission Pop Promotion On French Fatboss Online Casino

€ 6000 to be shared on Fatboss Online Casino!

The Pop Mission is launched on the Fatboss online casino! Are you going to miss the opportunity to build up a nice prize pool? Until January 31, take part in this superb tournament and win cash prizes.

The new year is off to a good start with promotions at online casinos and your favorite developers are on the program to put them in your pockets. This time, it is Yggdrasil Gaming who is launching the Pop Mission in collaboration with Fatboss for the pleasure of casino gaming enthusiasts . You will therefore have a good time during this tournament. This one also does not forget the most cute, the idea of seeing you win excellent jackpots at the start of the year, and for everything to run smoothly, terms and conditions have been associated with this tournament. . Discover them without further delay.

How do you win the competition?

The Mission Pop promotion that started on January 18 at 10 a.m. CET will run until January 31 at 11:59 p.m. CET. And to win this promotion, you need to make sure you complete your task with the minimum number of tricks possible. Thus, the first to successfully complete missions with less rotation will be the lucky winner of the competition. He will receive the big jackpot. For the rankings of the best players, if two bettors perform the same number of spins, the time factor will be considered and therefore the first of the two will be better positioned. Prizes will be distributed within 24 hours of the promotion.

Missions to accomplish!

To win prizes with Mission Pop on the Fatboss online casino, you absolutely must complete missions that await you on certain games specially dedicated to the promotion. These are indeed splendid slots from developer Yggdrasil with better bonus features that are able to give you a big helping hand in accomplishing your task. These entertainment options also incorporate the PopWins engine which increases your chances of winning. They are: Cherry Pop, Multifly, PopRocks and Wild Pops.

Prizes for the best players

Several prizes are reserved for brave players who will have successfully completed all the missions. These will receive cash prizes and they will be able to afford the best relaxation with these sums. The big winner of Mission Pop will be in the spotlight. He will receive the biggest jackpot of € 2,100! The other players will also receive prizes according to their position, but the large part remains for the first.

Do you want to discover the challenges that Yggdrasil Gaming's Pop Mission has in store for you? If so, then register now at Fatboss Online Casino to participate in the promotion. This establishment will be happy to welcome you to its website. And for more fun, it grants you a welcome bonus of up to € 150 to start your sessions. However, remember that only bets placed in real mode count for the tournament.

Pragmatic Play Casinos: New Games Arrive In February

Check out the online casino games coming out in February

For the month of February 2021, Pragmatic Play will not fail to make you live extraordinary adventures on these new productions Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire and Joker King. What do these two slot machines have in store for you?

Online casinos welcome new games to their game library this year, thanks to developers who are constantly innovating. For once, it is Pragmatic Play which announces a news which will certainly delight the hearts of lovers of slot machines. This is the upcoming launch in February 2021 of two new titles: Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire and Joker King. These productions by their design, the message they convey by their theme as well as the functionalities with which they are endowed will meet the expectations of punters in France . Discover them in the following lines.

Win up to € 31,250 on Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire

Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire is an online casino game on which Pragmatic Play has perfectly arranged the story of dragons and treasures. Indeed, to succeed in this move, the publisher chooses to endow its slot machine with 3 reels and 5 payment lines on which you will see dragons and precious stones scrolling. These two symbols will allow you to win several wins during your sessions, but the eye of the dragon as the wild card of the game will be even more lucrative. On the machine, you are offered a range of affordable bets. It ranges from $ 0.05 to $ 25 and with a bit of luck you could win up to $ 31,250 when you place the maximum bet. A 96.50% payout rate is built into the slot machine to allow you to cash in on wins more frequently. In addition to all these features, there are multipliers, Lucky 7 symbols as well as poker card icons to make it easier for you to form the winning combination.

Have fun with the joker prince on Joker King

If you didn't like the story of the dragons and prefer a fruit-themed virtual slot machine instead, consider placing your next bets on Joker King. This production of Pragmatic Play will not leave you indifferent. It is made up of 6 reels and delivers a total of 25 paylines. On the reels of this online casino game, several fruits like cherries, plums and oranges can help you find the right combination, but you have to rely much more on the prince to cash in the best winnings. It is clear that Pragmatic Play has thought of all bettors to provide its production with such a wide range of bets. You will be able to bet from 0.25 to 125 €. On the other hand, the big jackpot of € 625,000 will go to the player who will take the risk of placing the maximum bet. With the game's 96.50% payout rate, why don't you do it to hit the jackpot?

Royal Rabbit Online Casino: Receive € 220 to play

The next two productions of Pragmatic Play will soon be available with bonuses at Royal Rabbit Casino. It is a platform accessible to French players which welcomes with a registration bonus of 110% up to € 220. You can check it out for safe playing Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire and Joker King slots.

Top 3 2021 Online Casino Games From iSoftBet You Must Check Out

ISoftBet online casino games to discover at all costs!

If you are an online casino player, you have no doubt heard of a great developer like iSoftBet. This giant offers you 3 slot machines with unusual jackpots to fill your pockets this year.

iSoftBet always has something new to offer to players from France . Indeed, this company headquartered in London and operating legally with a license obtained in Malta, provided to its partner online casinos, the best one-armed bandits games capable of enriching bettors. Over four hundred different exclusive games already available on the market come from iSoftBet and according to the opinions of punters, they are of undeniable quality and their profit potential is well established. This one continues in the same logic, and today we are going to make you discover 3 of its new slot machines which reserve you quite interesting jackpots. Details!

The Ruby Megaways Slot Machine: Play and win € 700,000!

The Ruby Megaways is a new slot machine from iSoftBet whose release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. This title develops a theme based on gemstones, but here more specifically, the publisher is interested in ruby. So, don't be surprised to notice its presence on all 6 reels of the game over and over. In addition to this icon, the Bar and dollar logos may also appear when you activate all 117,649 paylines the game offers you. You can bet between € 0.20 and € 20 on this slot machine, but you'd better place the € 20 stake if you aspire to hit the € 700,000 jackpot! The bonus features of this high payout (96.11%) title include free spins, multipliers, the Megaways feature and a wild card that will help you hit the jackpot.

Jackpot of 10,877x your available bet on Bounty Belles

The iSoftBet Bounty Belles Slot Machine is the entertainment option that you absolutely must play to claim a jackpot of € 217,540. Indeed, on this machine the editor makes things much easier for you by providing the production with 243 different ways of winning. You will then only have to bet between 0.20 and 20 € to start the game's spins. With the presence of a joker and the free spins offered by the Bounty Belles slot machine, you could easily reach 1125 lines of payment trying to catch up with the three young criminal ladies. Play this online casino game now to hit the jackpot.

Book of Cai Shen: win up to 11,069x your initial stake

iSoftBet will fill your pockets with its production Book of Cai Shen. It is a slot game that tells you the story of the Chinese god through a book that you will find on the reels. This book will also be accompanied by the icon of the golden dragon, the ring, the envelope as well as the symbols of poker cards. A perfect combination of these elements followed by a maximum bet of € 10 can entitle you to € 110,690! And to make things easier for you, iSoftBet has integrated several free spins as well as a wild card into its Book of Cai Shen slot machine. The game also has high volatility, a payout rate of 96.00% and offers ten ways to win for players. Think about all these advantages to play this casino game without delay.

What is the best online casino to play these slots?

Now that you know the iSoftBet options to try to get rich in 2021, you probably want to try them for real money? For that, you will only have to open an account at Extra Online Casino . It will offer you 350 € + 100 free spins as a welcome to let you experience these entertainment options. However, play our top 3 best slots in real mode to claim the big jackpots.

Enter The Quickspin Festival Promotion On Lucky 8 Casino

Quickspin Festival: € 100,000 to be shared on the Lucky8 online casino!

Have you heard of the Quickspin Festival promotion? It is not obvious, but do not worry, because our dear experts will update you on what is in the following lines.

To allow online gaming enthusiasts to get their fill of thrills, the providers from time to time organize promotions with good prizes for the best players. Well, it's still time for the Quickspin editor! From Monday January 25 to February 03, 2021, this organizes a tournament called Quickspin Festival. At the end of this challenge, he will make a special gift to the player who is lucky, but he also promises to encourage other players.

Promotion terms and conditions

The Quickspin Festival tournament will start on 25th and end on 3rd February. Indeed, the competition is divided into 5 phases which will each last 2 days. To take part, you will need to place a bet of € 0.40 on one of the 12 online casino games selected for the promotion. Then your score will be calculated at the end of each sub-tournament. To do this, we will use the Win / Amount of the bet formula. At the end of each game, your best score will be retained. With a bit of luck, you could finish in first place and win the big jackpot of € 3,500! Players will receive their sum 24 hours after the promotion ends. Very interesting. Is not it ?

What games to play during the promotion?

To perfect the terms of the promotion, Quickspin has selected some better slot machine games that you absolutely must place your bets on. These include Eastern Emeralds, Nero's Fortune, Sakura Fortune, Big Bad Wolf, Crystal Prince, Golden Glyph, Ghost Glyph, Tiger's Glory, Loco the Monkey, Wild Cauldron, Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades and Hammer of Vulcan. So place your bets on these games if you want to win the jackpot.

Go to Lucky 8 Online Casino

Who wouldn't want to hit the € 3,500 jackpot? To make this possible, all you have to do is go to Lucky 8 Casino . It is a gaming site that has been welcoming new players from France since 2017 with an interesting 100% bonus to start their adventure on its platform. Open your account now at this establishment to make participants leave and especially to win the jackpot of € 3,500.

Win Up To 5000x Your Stake At Online Casinos

Fill your pockets with these new productions!

This year, your favorite editors are giving you two entertainment options that can relax you and add a pretty lucrative touch to your wallet. Check them out below.

French online casinos Yggdrasil Gaming and ELK Studios will soon be offering slot machine fans new productions. These are the Robin Sherwood Marauders and Miss Wildfire games respectively. These two titles will give you strong sensations with the adventures they will make you live and will not leave you indifferent with their interesting jackpot. We present them to you below.

Robin Sherwood Marauders: Win up to 5,000x your stake

Yggdrasil is back in online casinos with the Robin Sherwood Marauders Slot Machine to get you the 5,000 x your stake jackpot. To achieve this end, the publisher incorporated bonus features that are very beneficial to players. First of all, it allows you to bet from 0.10 up to 50 €. The ways to win on this Slot Machine are quite large and are 4,096. And to honor the entertainment factor, this one offers you an adventure with Robin Hood on the 6 reels of the casino game. Even though the machine's payout rate is a bit lower than you might expect (95.99%), the symbols make up for this gap well. So you will see Robin with his sword on the reels. Leaves, poker card symbols are also part of the game and will allow you to win real money up to € 250,000 on the slot machine.

The online casino game has 5,000x your Miss Wildfire bet

Miss Wildfire is a new slot machine from the publisher ELK Studios that could give you a jackpot of 5,000x your stake. To do this, you will only have to activate the 466 payment lines. The maximum stake on this production is 100 €. With a helping hand from Dame Chance, you could win € 500,000. Why not place the big bet to claim this sum? A payout rate of 96.10% will be integrated into the machine, so you have everything at your disposal to win this nice sum.

Banzai Slots Online Casino guarantees your entertainment!

So want to land jackpots of 5,000x your stake? If so, go to Banzai Slots Casino . This gaming site operating only in 2019 has received several positive reviews from players. It operates legally in the betting industry with a license issued by the Curacao authority. For your first stay at this online casino, you will be rewarded with a 100% bonus up to the limit of € 250. After taking advantage of this incentive to play the games for free, consider switching to real mode to win the jackpots of 5,000x your stake available on the Robin Sherwood Marauders and Miss Wildfire slots.

iSoftBet agrees to a content deal with SignorBet

iSoftBet has entered into a content agreement with SignorBet.

iSoftBet, a leading online gaming provider and content aggregator, has signed a massive agreement with Italian operator SignorBet to integrate their most efficient proprietary and licensed slot machine content.

SignorBet, one of the leading brands in the regulated Italian market, will offer customers some of the most popular iSoftBet slots, including Gold Digger and Aztec Gold Megaways ™.

In recent months, iSoftBet has released several innovative products, including Hold & Win and Megaways, which appeal to a wide range of players. Building on this, the manufacturer launched Queen of Wonderland Megaways in Q4 2020. As part of the Twisted Tales slot machine series, the game combines Hold & Win elements and unlimited Megaways free spins to create a completely new and exciting gaming experience.

iSoftBet currently operates in 19 regulated markets around the world and provides some of the largest iGaming operators with the largest number of top performing games and the fastest way to market. The company prides itself on its speed to market with regulatory requirements and was one of the first companies to enter the Swiss and German markets following regulatory reform.