Our Guide to Free Online Slot Machines

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Never played a completely free slot machine before? We invite you to read our guide, which should tell you all about the world of these free casino games. We’ve compiled all the information you need to become a knowledgeable gambler! If you are a beginner, this guide to slot machines at best online casino Canada is really for you.

Slot machine - Dinosaur century

You will discover the rules of the game. You will also find a description of the different types of slot machines: classic, video, 3D, and even mobile! Our slot machine guide will answer all your questions (features, options, downloads, recommended sites).

Once you master the world of online slots, you will be free to choose to play for free or with real money. But for now, let’s take a look at our tips!

How to play free online slots?

Would you like to discover free online slot machines, but you have never played them before? Don’t panic! All you have to do is:

  1. Choose a slot machine that you like. It couldn’t be easier.
  2. Once the online slot machine is selected, consult the game’s rules, the winnings table, the symbols… to understand how it works fully.
  3. Place your first bet, fictitious, as this is a free online slot machine!
  4. Let’s go! Play as much as you want – it’s free. No loss, just the fun of the game!
How to play free online slots

Different “Features” offered on the slot machines

Free Spins (with or without multiplier): A Free Spin is a “free spin”. If a multiplier (of winnings) is offered with the free spin, it usually varies between 2 and 3. Some multipliers can be as high as 10.

Re-Spins: Often the act of replaying to raise one or more reels in an attempt to find new lines. Sometimes, this re-spin is free (in this case, automatic and released thanks to another symbol present). Rarely is the re-spin raised on a reel if no payout was made during the spin.

Wild and Expanding Wild (over a whole column): The wild is a “symbol” that plays a joker’s role. Sometimes, on some machines, “random wild” appears randomly on a given spin. 

Scatter: Symbol that usually releases Free Spins from 3 or more symbols (in other, slightly rarer cases, winnings). 2 scatters release winnings (equivalent to the stake of the spin) most of the time.

Mini-Games: There are thousands of different mini-games, from the simple click & win to the more elaborate mini-game, not just luck-related. Some machines offer several mini-games.

Jackpots: Some machines offer jackpots, progressive or not. There are also games with mini-jackpots, medium-jackpots and “maxi”-jackpots (which vary depending on the player’s bet, usually Real Time Gaming slots).

Click Me: When the required number of symbols falls, you have a choice of several Click Me’s that pay immediate winnings.

Avalanche Mode: On some machines such as Rook Revenge, the winning lines disappear to let other symbols come in (without paying again) and allow other winning lines to come in. With each new avalanche on a spin, its payout multiplier increases. On the Elementz Slot Machine, after 4 avalanches in a row, the Free Spins mode is activated.

3D Animations: Some slots offer 3D animations on and off the reels (e.g., foreground characters).

Autoplay/Autospin mode: this mode allows you to bet automatically (the slot machine plays “on its own” a certain number of lines that you set).

Double Up: Ability to “double-up” after a winning spin. Sometimes you can make as many Double Up’s as you want for a single spin or as many as ten Double Up’s, which is the same.

Why play free slots online?

The question deserves some thought. Some may consider free online slots to be useless since they do not allow you to win any money. On the other hand, other players may see them as a great way to play without any restrictions. So what are the advantages of free online slot machines?

play free slots online
  • Learning the basics: For novices, slot machines with no money are the best way to get acquainted with the world, features and characteristics of the game.
  • Try different slot machines and determine your preferences: classic, 3D, video, fruit, mobile or PC versions… Not to mention the rich and varied themes.
  • Freedom to play: playing slots without the constraint of downloading software or registering on an online casino site allows you to enjoy the game’s pleasure and vary the experiences freely.
  • Budget control: Free online slots, as the name implies, do not involve any real money bets. An excellent way to have fun without spending a cent!
  • Transition to paid play: A completely free slot machine can be a good way to practice before playing for real money.
  • Simply have fun and relax!

History of slot machines

A picture about the history of slot machines

It is probably in Las Vegas that the legend of the slot machines, invented by the American Charles Fey in 1894, was forged. The 29-year-old mechanic rented his machine from a San Francisco gambling joint for half the profits, which exceeded all expectations. The machine was called the “Liberty Bell“.

Activated by a lever, after the introduction of a coin, the device set in motion three coils, each containing 20 symbols (hearts, spades, horseshoes, stars, bells…). Out of 8000 possible combinations, 12 were winners. Some could be obtained in several ways, and one of them in only one way. The potential winnings were displayed according to the odds, and any player could hope to win the jackpot. Of course, the machine took its tithes. The most honest machines would redistribute 82 to 94 percent of the coins collected.

  • Liberty Bell Slot Machine
  • First Slot Machine
  • by Charles Fey – 19th century

There are two common types of slot machines: reel machines and poker machines. The reel machines are the most mythical and the most popular among gamblers.

777 on the scoreboard of a slot machine

The slot machine is the most straightforward casino game. Simply insert coins into the slot machine and press the “Spin” button or pull the handle to spin the reels. To win, the reels must stop on a combination displayed on the machine’s board.

The different types of reel machines can be classified into three classes: single-line, three-reel machines with bets of 1 to 3 coins. Three-reel 5-line machines with bets of one to five coins and five-reel machines with 5, 9, 15 or 20 lines. Each of these categories of machines can be a single or progressive jackpot. In the progressive jackpot, several machines are linked together and feed the same jackpot, the amount of which increases progressively. The amount of this jackpot is displayed above the machines.

One-armed Bandit slot machine

Some machines still have, as in the good old days, real mechanical reels. In some casinos, the player, after inserting his or her coin(s), plays previously acquired chips, activates the mechanism through the unique steel arm that earned them the nickname of “one-armed bandit“. The new generations of machines are very sophisticated video consoles, operated by a lever or a simple press button. In all cases, the principle is the same: three cylinders rotate simultaneously to stop on a combination visible in three portholes located side by side along a central line. Depending on the combination, the player loses his bet or recovers a certain number of coins (or tokens) according to a scale displayed on the machine.

Each bettor’s goal is to hit the famous “jackpot”, in a shattering sound of coins spilling out, sometimes in a siren wail.

There is no strategy for winning at slot machines. Nor is there a method for recovering what you have lost. The reason is simple: the game is random and arbitrary.