Play'N Go Thunder Screech Slot Machine Released

Discover the North American prairie on the Thunder Screech game

Scheduled for February 2021, Play'N Go's Thunder Screech slot machine has plenty to bring authentic online entertainment to life for one-armed bandit lovers. Be prepared for its launch.

To meet the expectations of French online punters , software developers and their engineers are not resting on their laurels. They always find an effective way to hit their target. Play'N Go shows it to us with its latest production Thunder Screech. This pretty interesting graphics online casino game includes bonus features that will not leave you indifferent. We present to you in a few lines the information that we were able to gather on this game.

Inhale the clean air in the Thunder Screech online casino game

Play'N Go takes you to discover Native American cultures on the Thunder Screech slot machine. This is not the first time that we have seen a slot machine developing this theme, but this time, we can feel the difference. The design is of quality and gives you the view of one of the forests of these places. You will also see on the 5 reels of the game, several symbols perfectly referring to the theme approached to form the winning combination: wild animals such as beaver, crow, skunks and fox. To these are added poker card symbols.

A jackpot of 500,000 awaits you!

The bonus features of the Thunder Screech Slot Machine are very generous. To make the “spin” button work, you will need to place a bet between 0.10 and 100 €. You can therefore, depending on your financial resources, play the slot machine and hope for your winnings. By doing so, you have the option of activating up to 10 paylines and that's not all, a joker named Totems Wilds will be able to replace certain symbols on the reels. Free spins as well as multipliers will be assigned to you at times to increase your chances of winning. In addition to all these advantages that the Thunder Screech slot machine incorporates, Play'N Go gives it a payout rate of 96.10%! Are you going to miss this opportunity to land the € 500,000 jackpot?

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Phoenix Coins On Lightning Box Online Casino Sites

Phoenix Coins Slot Machine: The Mystery of Longevity!

Lightning Box will be making available to its fans a new production called Phoenix Coins. This online casino game offers you sessions that could not be more entertaining.

Software vendors are getting more creative this year. They never run out of ideas when it comes to meeting the expectations of online gaming enthusiasts . This time again, it's developer Lightning Box announcing the upcoming release of its Phoenix Coins slot machine. And as Marcel Pagnol puts it so well: When the wine is drawn, it must be drunk , Lightning Box confirms that this game would be at the top from March. Knowing him, one could only expect top-notch entertainment on this production. It will also integrate everything necessary to fill the wallet of each player. How could this be possible? Keep reading to understand.

Take to the skies with Pegasus

On its next Phoenix Coins production, Lightning Box immerses you in the world of Greek mythology. It will make you live endless thrilling adventures on this online casino game in the company of the phoenix the fire bird. It is able to live for a very long time and is the highest paying symbol in the slot machine. He will be accompanied by the divine horse Pegasus as well as a man, a woman, a wild fountain, grapes, owls, goblets and poker card icons ranging from Jack to Ace. They have quite a lucrative potential and a good combination between them will make you win up to 42,160x your initial stake.

The features of the Phoenix Coins online casino game

The Phoenix Coins slot machine is a masterpiece that incorporates interesting bonus features. There are a large number of ways to win on the slot machine, precisely 1,024. To activate them, you will only have to place a bet between € 0.40 and € 200. With this wide range of bets, any bettor will be able to click on “spin” and form winning combinations according to his means. Lightning Box also includes two jokers in its production: the Fountain Wild and Phoenix Wild symbol, which can replace the other symbols in the game, to help you form the winning combination. 1x to 8x multipliers are also available to boost your earnings. When you get free spins playing the Phoenix Coins slot machine, you could hit the mini, major or minor jackpots of the game. If you do claim the prize pool of € 8,432,000, however, you will only have to bet. the stake of 200 €. A payout rate of 96.03% is also available on the Slot Machine.

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So, do you want to win the € 8,432,000? To do this, you will only have to register on Chéri Casino online . This platform is trustworthy and works with developer Lightning Box to bring you the best productions. It also offers new players a welcome bonus of 100% up to € 100 to allow them to discover its game library. Take advantage of it for fun while waiting for the release of the Phoenix Coins slot machine.

Slot machine tournaments: how to participate? – Blog

Slot machine tournaments: how to participate?

Virtual slots are one of the most popular games at online casinos . Bettors really appreciate them, especially because they don't require any learning to have fun on them. Indeed, this game is based entirely on chance. Software that randomly generate numbers provides transparency in online slots.

Also, virtual slot machines attract bettors thanks to the beauty of their designs and the free bonuses offered there. Indeed, slot machine publishers, who provide these games to virtual casinos, are often inspired by diverse cultural universes to create the graphics. Thus, some slot machines are inspired by movies or the beauty of a given island, for example.

Due to the strong attraction that online slots have on bettors, some casinos have started to organize tournaments. Find out in the following lines how to participate in virtual slots tournaments.


To participate in competitions scheduled in advance, you must register as a participant on the platform that organizes the tournament.On the day and time that will be communicated to you, connect to the website of the casino that organizes the competition. .

As always, when you have to go to a virtual gaming platform, make sure it is legal. In fact, it is forbidden to participate in gambling contests at unlicensed casinos. So you need to make sure that the online casino is licensed in your country, otherwise you can participate in a criminal enterprise and get ripped off.

Some tournaments require an amount to be paid. These registration fees constitute your stake to participate in the tournament. Other contests do not ask to deposit a fixed amount before the start of the competition. In the event that you must deposit your bet before the start of the tournament, it is the player who will generate the greatest number of points who wins the tournament. In the second case where you bet during the game, it is the difference between your cumulative gains and losses, which will determine your ranking at the end of the competition.

There are also tournaments that start on their own on some platforms without having been scheduled in advance. This scenario occurs when the gaming platform, for example has provided for a minimum number of players connected to the slot machines, automatically triggers a tournament between them.

How the competition works

Contests on virtual slot machines are ephemeral. Indeed, they do not last more than ten minutes. When the allotted time, between five and ten minutes, comes to an end, the tournament stops.

According to the predefined methods, calculation of points or difference, between the cumulative gains and losses, the participants in the tournament are classified. The winner wins the prize pool planned for him. Note that the winners of virtual slot machine contests are often highly rewarded. The jackpot can amount to several million euros.

Considering the short duration of a slots tournament, you need to be extremely quick when entering it. Indeed, note that the slot machine game is not a strategy game. So don't waste your time thinking too much. Bet and play without stopping. The results of your game session will be made, once the end of the competition has sounded.

Play fast and bet big. By wagering large sums each time, you have the opportunity to win big wins or to collect many points. This will allow you to be well classified at the end of the competition. If you bet small amounts, your winnings will not be large, and you don't have enough time to accumulate them to constitute a large amount.

The device

At first glance, slot machines are exclusive games, where each player isolates himself on his machine and has fun. To be able to organize a championship between different online bettors, the publishers of virtual slot machines have succeeded in making them interactive.

Thus online casinos, which organize slot machine tournaments, have options on their gaming software, to make them multiplayer. All participants can therefore, once the multiplayer option is activated, fight on the same machine. This guarantees fairness throughout the competition.

The outcome of a game on a slot machine depends exclusively on chance. This may justify the short amount of time generally granted to slot machine tournaments. Nevertheless, these competitions are very popular. Especially since the rewards are really attractive and they are accessible to all participants.

No competitor in a slot machine tournament can truly count on his experience. Chance alone decides who wins the competition. Do not hesitate to register for these tournaments, if you are fans of online slots.

No specific preparation is required for this kind of competition. Register, play quickly by betting large sums and let your lucky stars guide you. Also, make sure you have a good internet connection to be able to participate in the tournament until the end. Because the slightest cut in the Internet connection, even for a few seconds, will have serious consequences on your ranking.


Virtual slot machine tournaments are becoming more and more popular, as online casinos and virtual game publishers have found ways to make these contests attractive. Bettors flock every time a tournament is organized.

Indeed, the game does not require any particular skill from the various competitors. The outcome of a slot machine game is exclusively chance. Anyone can therefore win a tournament and pocket the prize pool provided for the winner.

The multi-player option and the random number generation software guarantee fairness throughout the tournament. The championship takes place over a very short period of time. Usually no more than ten minutes. Participating in an online slot machine tournament is therefore not time consuming. You can go there, have fun for a few minutes and come back to your business. For example, during your lunch break, you can quickly participate in a tournament on your computer or mobile phone.

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